Welcome to Vanco Fire Protection!!

Vanco Fire Protection Ltd. is a full service fire protection company specializing in providing excellent customer service by reliable, professional technicians for all your Fire and Life Safety needs.

At Vanco Fire we strive to make Fire Protection easy and efficient; and provide you with the best value for your money. We cover all essential Fire and Life Safety services in-house, ensuring one point of contact for our clients. Our technical experience allows us to provide service to all types of sites, big or small, in the residential, commercial, industrial and marine sectors.

We take a holistic and inclusive approach to fire protection and customer service and because of this we succeed in providing the best possible service with the least amount of disruption, in the timeliest manner and at the best possible value.

There is an old saying “if you look after the pennies the dollars take care of themselves” We believe something along the same lines that “if you look after the client the money will look after itself”. That is to say if you provide good and honest service with the clients well-being in mind, you will have plenty of satisfied quality clients to work with.

Let us show you how we can serve you better than the "other guy"


"Let us show you how we can serve you better"