In-Suite Inspections

Access Procedures during COVID-19

In anticipation of the technicians visit to your suite during the Annual Fire Inspection please read the following special Access Procedures:

  • Technicians will be wearing a face mask. Residents are encouraged to wear one, should they have one available.
  • All interior doors must be opened in advance so the Technician can move from room to room without touching doors.
  • All residents including pets and children must maintain social distancing while Technician is in the suite performing the testing of the in-suite devices.
  • The Technician will knock on the door and then stand back.
  • The Technician will ask if the occupant is aware of the access procedures; if not it will be explained.
  • Residents are required to advise the Technician if any occupants are exhibiting any symptoms or are in self-quarantine
  • The resident is to hold the door open standing back as far as possible.
  • The Technician will enter the unit passing the individual with as much social distancing as possible.
  • The resident will be requested to open the door for the Technician to exit at the conclusion of the testing

If the above procedure cannot be accommodated the Technician will tag heuer replica watches report the suite as “Access Attempted” on the inspection report.

We are doing our part to keep your building safe at the same time as reducing the spread of the COVID19 virus. We appreciate your cooperation.

Click here for a PDF version.

Keeping Safe


Please maintain social distancing when technicians are inspecting your suite.